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Dry Wash by Formula G is your answer to convenience.  Now you can wash your vehicle anytime, anywhere without water!

Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Motorcycles, Boats, Planes, Glass, Chrome, Fiberglass etc. Reduces friction on skis, sleds, & snowmobiles & protects from the elements.  May be used to clean eyewear, safety shields, optics, TV's and monitor screens. Formula G Dry Wash repels dust and fingerprints. Our Dry Wash minimizes swirl marks and makes them optically clearer. Race car drivers, athletes, and fire fighters will appreciate the clarity and the anti-static that keeps helmet shields clear, clean and dust free much longer.

Keep an extra bottle in your vehicle to use anytime anywhere!

When Formula G is MICRO MISTED over a soiled area, our exclusive formula has the unique ability to encapsulate and emulsify the dirt particles, lifting them off the surface, (thus no scratching) preparing them for removal by the simple swipe of a clean microfiber towel. No need for soap, buckets, wasted water, hoses. Simply no more mess! 

Cleanse * Hydrate * Shield

While keeping your vehicle looking new, Formula G dry wash is your Ultimate conditioner to prevent premature aging of your vehicle appearance by sealing your vehicle with a UV protective coating. 

Formula G Dry Wash contains NO abrasive agents.

Yes, in fact we encourage you to experience the difference of clean, film free windows inside and out of your vehicle with our Dry Wash! 

No! The more you use it, a shield of protection is provided over the surface that it is applied to. 

From the novice car owner to the elite detailing enthusiast, or simply anyone who truly loves and cares about their vehicle will want to use Formula G Dry Wash. Especially those who are concerned about our future WATER supply. Did you know the average sedan uses approximately 90 gallons of water during a single traditional car wash?  Millions upon millions of gallons of Water are wasted everyday by people just trying to keep their vehicles looking clean and new. Tons of dirty, soapy, oily water will then filter down into our surface water table and contaminate this water source Until now there has been no substitute for WATER, has now developed an environmentally friendly ALTERNATIVE FOR WATER, that protects our vehicles and keeps them looking new!